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Ajax (8050) Leaks Protect Wireless Flood Detector

Model No: 8050

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The Ajax LeakProtect is the perfect device to detect the first signs of flooding. Simply mount the detector on the floor in areas of possible water inflow, and if water reaches one of the four pairs of contacts underneath the device, it will immediately raise the alarm, and send an alert to your app with the exact location. It can also register when the area dries out and cancel the alarm.

No installation or maintenance required - just scan the QR code which will add the device to your Ajax app! ... and if an establishment has an anti-flooding system, Ajax can automatically shut off the water supply once a flood is detected!

Dimensions (L:W:H) - 56x56x14mm 

Weight: 40g

Alarm Signal Delivery Time - 0.15s

IP65 Rated 

Anti-sabotage - Protection against fraud and Jamming Detection 

Up to 5 Years Battery Life

Perfect for places such as; under the sink, bathtub, washing machine, in the sewer riser, under the dishwasher, in the boiler room + much more

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    Ajax (8050) Leaks Protect Wireless Flood Detector

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