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Uniview 4 Channel AI Network Video Recorder UV-NVR501-04B-P4

Model No: NVR501-04B-P4

  • Sku: NVR501-04B-P4
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The NVR501-04B-P4 and NVR501-08B-P8 models are advanced network video recorders (NVRs) specifically engineered to control and capture video content from IP cameras. Equipped with the latest video compression formats, such as Ultra 265 and H.265, they enable economical storage and bandwidth utilization without sacrificing video clarity. Ideal for small to medium-sized surveillance setups, these NVRs offer 4 and 8-channel inputs respectively.

Key Features:
High-Resolution Recording: Capable of recording up to 8 Megapixels resolution, these NVRs ensure that video footage is captured with clarity and detail, essential for evidence collection and monitoring purposes.

PoE Network Interfaces: The Plug & Play setup with 4/8 independent PoE (Power over Ethernet) interfaces simplifies installation by providing both power and network connectivity to PoE-compatible IP cameras through a single cable.

Camera Compatibility: These units support mainstream cameras following ONVIF (Profiles S, G, T) and RTSP protocols, offering flexibility in camera selection and system integration.

Simultaneous HDMI and VGA Output: Both models can output video to HDMI and VGA monitors simultaneously, with HDMI supporting up to 4K (3840x2160) resolution, allowing operators to monitor high-quality video in real-time.

Storage and Reliability: With support for 1 SATA HDD of up to 8TB, these NVRs offer ample storage for surveillance footage. ANR (Automatic Network Replenishment) technology enhances storage reliability, especially when the network is disconnected.

Smart Features: These NVRs come equipped with smart VCA (Video Content Analysis) detection features like intrusion detection, line crossing, and smart motion detection (SMD), which can significantly reduce false alarms and enhance the efficiency of video surveillance operations.

Cloud Upgrade Support: The ability to support cloud upgrades ensures that the NVR firmware can be easily updated to the latest version, maintaining the system's security and adding new features over time.


The NVR501-04B-P4 and NVR501-08B-P8 models provide a reliable and versatile solution for video surveillance, integrating high-resolution recording, user-friendly functionality, and advanced capabilities in compact and efficient devices. Suitable for retail, residential, or small business settings, these NVRs serve as a dependable base for a security system that demands excellent quality, performance, and scalability.



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Uniview 4 Channel AI Network Video Recorder UV-NVR501-04B-P4

£114.00 GBP

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