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AJAX (22959-White) MotionProtect Outdoor PIR - External PIR

Model No: AJAX (22959-White) MotionProtect Outdoor PIR

  • Sku: 22959-White
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The MotionProtect Outdoor is AJAX's external PIR designed to cover gardens, driveways, entrances or any point leading to the premises for up to 5 years' battery life - as always, users & the system installer are configured by default to be notified of low battery in plenty of time via the app.

Specs include

  • IP55 External Rating ** Hood recommended outdoors
  • 15M Motion Detection Range (Horizontal: 90°)
  • Two-step Algorithm for False Alarm Prevention + 80cm Pet Immunity
  • Up to Five Years' Battery Life
  • Operating Temperature: -25°C to 60°C

Whilst the elements can't damage the unit within its operating temperature range, it is recommended that these be installed under cover or with the separately sold Hood to protect the sensors from physical masking from rain or snow.

This is due to anti-masking technology that's also built into the PIRs to detect when its sensors have been covered, taped over or painted - along with its jamming & tamper sabotage detection features.

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AJAX (22959-White) MotionProtect Outdoor PIR - External PIR

£144.00 GBP

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