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Ajax (34718) ReX 2 Extender

Model No: 34718

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ReX 2 is able to transmit the snapshots taken by the MotionCam & MotionCam Outdoor detectors which is its main distinction from the original ReX. Both models of ReX allow you to connect up to five units back to a single Hub securely expanding the system's coverage up to an impressive 35 km². ReX is often required when connecting detached buildings to the main Hub or in multi-story SMB offices.

ReX units act similarly to the main Hub in the sense that they are able to raise the alarm if any of its connected devices detect an intrusion - even if its connection to the main Hub is lost. These functions still occur up to 38 hours after a power outage due to its built-in backup battery securing their application detached buildings where power is likely to be separate from the main building and/or less reliable.

Specs include

  • Up to 1,700M Range with Detectors & Hub
  • 0.3s Alarm Signal Delivery Time
  • Fraud, Jamming & Tamper Resistant
  • 110-240V Mains Powered (or 12V from 12V PSU)
  • Up to 38 Hours from Backup Battery

Hub 2 / Hub 2 Plus = Allows up to 5 ReXs.

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Ajax (34718) ReX 2 Extender

£144.00 GBP

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