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Ajax (36491-White)-(36490-Black) MotionCam (PhOD)

Model No: (36491-White)-(36490-Black)

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*Wireless outdoor motion detector with photo verification. Supports the photo on demand and photo on scenario features.
*Hub 2 or Hub 2 Plus required for MotionCam / MotionCam Outdoor.

The Outdoor MotionCam from AJAX Systems integrates specifications of their most popular PIR, MotionProtect, to notify users of an intrusion whilst simultaneously providing snapshots of the intrusion to the user's mobile immediately. Providing vital information to help aid an end users' actions following a notification...
Did a dog trigger the alarm? Was it a false alarm? Mum, dad or is was it a burglar? Whilst a standard PIR can SPOT an intrusion, viewing the snapshots from the mobile app will VERIFY the intrustion and may even help to identify a burglar if worst comes to the worst. Specs include:

3-15M Motion Detection Range (Horizontal: 90°)
Up to 3 Snapshots @ 640×352 Resolution
Fraud, Jamming & Tamper Resistant + 80cm Pet Immunity
Up to 3 Years' Battery Life

The camera in Outdoor MotionCam is purposefully downscaled not only to save costs but more importantly to save data - reducing time the images take to be delivered to the users' phone is critical whilst the snapshots still provide a clear enough picture to identify key elements of the scene.

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Ajax (36491-White)-(36490-Black) MotionCam (PhOD)

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