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Ajax (8209-White)-(8188-Black) Fire Protect Smoke & Heat

Model No: Ajax (8209-White)-(8188-Black) Fire Protect

  • Sku: 8209-White
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FireProtect is a wireless indoor fire detector with an in-built buzzer and a battery, ensuring up to 4 years of autonomous operation. FireProtect can detect smoke and rapid temperature increase.

When smoke penetrates the detector chamber, it distorts infrared light between the emitter and photoelectric receiver. This distortion triggers a smoke alarm. When the temperature exceeds 60°? or rises by 30°? during 30 minutes (not necessary to reach 60°?), the detector registers temperature increase, which triggers a fire alarm.

In case of alarm, the detector activates the built-in buzzer (the siren sound can be heard from afar) and blinks with the light indicator. When connected to a security system, both the user and the security company are notified of the alarm.

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    Ajax (8209-White)-(8188-Black) Fire Protect Smoke & Heat

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