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Ajax (22983-White)-(22982-Black) Glass Protect Acoustic Detector

Model No: Ajax (22983-White)-(22982-Black) Glass Protect Acoustic Detector

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AJAX's GlassProtect is an acoustic detector which can raise the alarm for vandalism & intrusion at the first instance using its two-factor sound detection - which simultaneously protects against false alarms such as thunder, vehicles etc.
It detects breaking glass from up to 9 metres away which can help to detect intruders before they enter the premises or detect vandalism on business & commercial properties.

Specs include

  • Detects Breaking Glass up to 9M
  • Two-Factor Detection to Reduce False Alarms
  • Up to 7 Years' Battery Life
  • Fraud, Jamming & Tamper Detection Anti Sabotage Features
  • 3 Levels of Adjustable Sensitivity

GlassProtect is ideal for protecting rooms & areas that are unable to be effectively covered by PIRs such as bedrooms for example.

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        Ajax (22983-White)-(22982-Black) Glass Protect Acoustic Detector

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