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Ajax (20850-White)-(20846-Black) Panic Button

Model No: Ajax (20850-White)-(20846-Black) Panic Button

  • Sku: 20850-White
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AJAX Button with dual-press activation to avoid false activations. Button can be configured in a multitude of ways in conjunction with all AJAX Hubs.

Common configurations include:

Panic Mode - Trigger to call a security company, raise alarm, close shutters etc. ** Holder recommended for this configuration to install on a wall or under a desk etc.

Medical Alert Mode - Trigger alerts other users on the system or to even call an ambulance for profesionally monitored patients

Button is held in a light-weight, sturdy housing with a threadable link to attach onto a necklace or keychain along with the following specs:


IP55 External Rating

Up to Five Years' Battery Life

Less than 0.15s Activation Time

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    Ajax (20850-White)-(20846-Black) Panic Button

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