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Texecom Speech Dialler CGA-0001

Model No: CGA-0001

  • Sku: CGA-0001
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When your burglar alarm goes off the reality is that in most situations it is ignored. Many people view the alarm siren as a nuisance and do not call the police or bother to investigate. The Texecom Speech Dialler offers a solution.

The Texecom Speech Dialler is the ideal companion for virtually any alarm control panel as it provides additional protection, rather than relying on the outside bell to attract attention.

Since its launch the Texecom Speech Dialler has become the leading solution for voice notifications. With a host of powerful features, simple intuitive operation and now with remote microphone connectivity, the Texecom Speech Dialler delivers complete protection.

The speech dialler can send out alarm voice messages to 8 independant contact numbers (including mobile numbers), ensuring keyholders are made aware of an alarm activation. Boasting up to 4 inputs and 2 remotely controllable outputs, the Texecom Speech Dialler is the ideal solution for end-users who would like superior control and monitoring of their home or workplace, from anywhere in the world.

The unit is connected to a standard PSTN telephone line and behaves like another extension to the telephone.


Technical Specification

PSTN Landline Dialler

32 Character LCD Display

2 Programmable Outputs

4 Trigger Inputs

Call Acknowledgement

Listen-in Mode

Talkback Mode

8 Contact Numbers

Memo Feature

Call Abort

4 Voice Messages - Each up to 32 Seconds in Length

Remote Access via Touch-tone Phone

Context Sensitive Help

Passcode Protected

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      Texecom Speech Dialler CGA-0001

      £134.12 GBP

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