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Texecom Premier Elite 24 Polymer CAA-0026

Model No: CFE-0001

  • Sku: CAA-0026
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The Texecom Premier 24 Polymer is a high-quality security system designed to protect your home or business. With 8 zones that can be expanded to 24, this system offers comprehensive coverage for your property.

Featuring 2 areas, the Premier 24 Polymer allows you to easily control and monitor different sections of your premises. It also provides the convenience of 25 user codes, allowing multiple individuals to access and operate the system.

With a 500 event log that is time and date stamped, you can easily track and review any activity that occurs on your premises. This log provides valuable information for security purposes and can be used as evidence if needed.

The Premier 24 Polymer is equipped with an energy-efficient switch mode power supply that is EN rated. This ensures that the system operates efficiently and minimizes energy consumption.

This security system offers multiple communication options through SmartCom and SmartCom 4G. These options allow for remote monitoring and control of the system, providing peace of mind even when you are away from your property. Additionally, the Premier 24 Polymer supports remote diagnostics and upload/download capabilities via Texecom Cloud, making it easy to manage and maintain the system.

Complying with EN50131-1 Grade 3 Class II, EN50131-3 Grade 3 Class II, and PD6662:2017 Grade 3 Class II standards, the Premier 24 Polymer is a highly secure and reliable security solution. It meets the highest industry standards for protection and ensures the safety of your property.

The part code for the Texecom Premier 24 Polymer is CAA-0026, making it easy to identify and order.


Technical specifications

8 Zones Expandable To 24

2 Areas

25 User Codes

500 Event Log Time & Date Stamped

EN rated energy efficient switch mode power supply

Multiple communication options via SmartCom and SmartCom 4G

Remote diagnostics and upload/download via Texecom Cloud

EN50131-1 Grade 3 Class II

EN50131-3 Grade 3 Class II

PD6662:2017 Grade 3 Class II

Part code CAA-0026

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Texecom Premier Elite 24 Polymer CAA-0026

£82.97 GBP

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