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Titus 9 Port 10 Amp CCTV Power Supply

Model No: Titus (Qvis)

  • Sku: PSU-10A-9B
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Benefit from the robust capabilities of the 9-Port 10 Amp configuration, featuring advanced PTC (Positive Temperature Coefficient) technology. Ensure security with a lockable box cover, granting controlled access to the inner components. Illuminate your setup effortlessly with dedicated LEDs for each input, simplifying monitoring and providing visual clarity in every operation.


PSU-10A-9B Features:
PTC Technology
Built In Redundancy
Lockable Box Cover
LEDs for Each Input
Rear cable entry point, If installed into a cavity wall
Easy access terminals when connecting to ring main.


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Titus 9 Port 10 Amp CCTV Power Supply

£40.00 GBP

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