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Uniview Villa DoorStation, Monitor & PoE Switch Kit UV-KIT/201S/372S/NSW2020

Model No: UV-KIT/201S/372S/NSW2020

  • Sku: UV-KIT/201S/372S/NSW2020
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Metal casing.

Supports call and intercom with the connected indoor station and app.

Supports security protection alarm and tamper alarm triggered by door magnet, infrared, etc.

Supports Wi-Fi.

Built-in IC card reader.


ABS casing and glass panel, solid and durable.

Supports Wi-Fi.

Supports touchscreen operation.

1024 x 600 HD screen.

Supports remote door opening by sending signal to the door station.

Allows to view live video of connected door stations and network cameras.


Allows to switch operating modes, including Default, VLAN, and Extend.

Supports VLAN isolation. All PoE ports are isolated from each other and only able to communicate with uplink ports.

Supports network extension. With a high-quality network cable and IPC, the network transmission distance can reach up to 250 meters by lowering the network port rate to 10Mbps.

Supports port priority. Packets from high-priority ports will be forwarded first.

Supports flow control. When there is data congestion in the uplink ports, the switch will actively send flow control frames to PoE ports.

Plug-and-play, simple and convenient.

All metal casing, secure and reliable.


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Uniview Villa DoorStation, Monitor & PoE Switch Kit UV-KIT/201S/372S/NSW2020

£182.00 GBP

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