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Ajax (22945-White)-(22944-Black) Motion Protect Plus Wireless Dual Tech PIR Detector

Model No: Ajax 22945-White /22944-Black Motion Protect

  • Sku: 22945-White
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The MotionProtect Plus is a Wireless Dual Tech PIR that detects human presence with background thermal radiation. The microwave sensor prevents false alarms caused by complex interference.

Designed for operation in rooms with fireplaces and air conditioning units and also detects and ignores things like draughts, movement of curtains & blinds and flickering light, glare and reflections.

The MotionProtect Plus will automatically increase or decrease the sensor sensitivity in order to accurately detect motion during hot and cold weather.

  • Microwave Sensor
  • 12m Motion Detection Distance
  • Protection against fraud, Jamming detection, Tamper-resistant
  • Ignores pets up to 20KG & 50cm in height
  • Up to 5 years battery life

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    Ajax (22945-White)-(22944-Black) Motion Protect Plus Wireless Dual Tech PIR Detector

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